Race and grief

I read an article a few months ago about the concept of radical transparency while building start ups. Rather than just a PR play, radical transparency means your audience goes on your journey with you, you admit your failings and struggles and share your successes, but everyone knows how hard won they are. It seems like the opposite of all that #girlboss and hustle culture that hovers around starting your own business.

So, I thought I'd try it and see what happens. Probably nothing!

I have a recurring thought around race and grief. I've met amazing people working in grief and bereavement and have been mindful of narratives about who gets to grieve in public and on social media, who gets supported and the groups who aren't able to access meaningful grief support in the ways they need and want it.

BAMEstream are doing great work around this and also Black Minds Matter are undertaking a hugely needed service connecting therapists of colour with people who want to access therapy that is relevant and tailored.

Grief is such an individual experience, so my hope is that in the UK we develop a truly rich tapestry of services and support systems - an ecosystem for want of a better phrase. But that's only possible if we acknowledge where we are now.

So, along with a lot of other people, organisations and businesses, this is something I'm trying to think through. I'm putting this out to ensure some accountability on this issue as I build Good Grief Gift Co.

I'd be really interested in opening up a conversation around this issue. If anyone wants to connect and talk I'm on alex@goodgriefgift.co.uk