Podcasts to tune into

We're quite a chatty bunch, us grievers, so lots of podcasts here once you start looking. I've mostly stuck to UK based recommendations, as I think grief is situated so much in our cultural context, but have picked out a few popular ideas from the States too. 

Griefcast - One of the most well known podcasts about grief in the UK. Cariad Lloyd a comedian gives us permission to giggle and laugh as well as cry along. Her dad died when she was 15 and here she interviews artists, comedians, writers about their losses. 

The Bereavement Room - Hosted by Callsuma Ali. Gorgeous conversations in this podcast for people from communities of faith and culture, featuring representative voices from across the UK. 

The Grief Gang - Amber Jeffrey lost her mum at 19 and she created to normalise the conversation of grief with younger people and to let them know it’s okay to open about your grief.

Dead Parent Club - An accessible friend for every young person who has prematurely lost a parent/s.

Terrible, thanks for asking - Hosted by US based Nora McInerny, herself a widow, this is a funny/sad podcast delves into the real feelings behind the question “How are you?”.

Where's the grief? - Hosted by Jordon Ferber, a comedian whose 21-year-old brother died in a car accident in 2002. Jordan chairs the chat with other comedians to tease out their unique perspectives on grief.

Grief out loud - Listen in for personal stories and advice for grieving children and teens from bereavement experts. The producers are from Oregon’s hugely respected Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families.  

Grief Works - Hosted by Julia Samuel, author of ‘Grief Works’ and an experienced grief psychotherapist. Tune in for honest and touching conversations.