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In a bit of cross posting, my other business is all about my mission to get people to sort out their wills. Lemons.Life is aimed at busy people who keep putting it off.

I've got a webinar coming up to help you do it - I know some of you on this list don't have one!

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The UK Commission on Bereavement launched recently and according to their site an estimated 3 million people are facing bereavement at the moment.

I've said before how much I feel for people who've been grieving during this isolated time. I was struck again at the weekend when Trevor Philips talked about losing his daughter Sushila who died after living with anorexia for much of her life. Over 300 people went to the online funeral, and so many wanted to attend in person. It's one story among so many awful stories of people wanting and needing the rituals that might comfort and not being able to have that.

I was pleased to get a mention for Good Grief in the Metro last week after being asked to contribute to an article about what age women should have children. My point was, life doesn't always go to plan!

That's all for now, more life/death chat soon.