I became a widow very suddenly a few years ago. Friends and family wanted to do something kind and thoughtful, but there was nothing that was going to take the sadness away. Some listened, some sent lovely emails, some offered to help in practical ways. But very quickly people went back to their lives.

I founded Good Grief Gift Co out of this experience to shift the conversation about what it means to grieve and how to support the bereaved in our lives. We all have to grieve in our own way, but if a friend drops us a thoughtful card, some fresh cut flowers, or some waterproof mascara along the way, the journey can somehow feel a little easier.

I am a passionate advocate for better conversations about death and can also be found at Lemons.Life. 

The term 'Good Grief' is a bit popular in this space - I think because it shows that us grievers do want to think about a happier future. Anyway - I'm not associated with Good Grief Trust - they came first and they are doing fabulous things for the cause. There's also Good Grief Fest if you fancy a bit of death chat!