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According to Winston's Wish, every 22 minutes on average, a parent dies leaving a child grieving. And that's before you get grandparents, pets or anyone else who might die around a child. Kids are experiencing grief all the time. And, as adults we struggle, so let's put aside the idea that kids are so resilient and get some ideas about how to better support them. 

This week I connected with the ever-so-lovely Kristina in LA, author of My Forever Guardian, and inspired by the loss of her dad when she was a small child. The book's success then led to the idea of an online platform aimed at children and so was founded. The site is run and monitored by top bereavement counselors who provide daily social activities kids can share in together creating their own social media healing network.

I love this and it seems so helpful during this strange time that kids can connect online around this topic in a way that is appropriate. 

Through the wonders of Twitter I also came across Sarah Helton who is a child bereavement specialist working with children with special educational needs. She founded a site called BackPocketTeacher and has launched a set of really sweet toys that help children understand what happens when someone dies. I love these as they are simple, hand made and descriptive. Each set is made bespoke, so for now, Sarah is aiming at getting them into schools, libraries and funeral directors.

I had to put in another picture here. 

There are also some great charities in this space. Loads of resources at all these sites.  

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