We have body positivity so why not death positivity?

There's been a lot of death chat for me this year and I've realised how active the 'grief and death positive' scene is in the UK. Below are just some of my favourite finds. I find them inspiring and not at all morbid!

Fancy seeing what goes on at a post mortem? A live tour of a post-mortem is coming to the UK this summer. Thankfully, they're using a semi-synthetic human cadaver to train students anatomy in a contextualised format. A perfect peek into the workings of the human body.

Coffin Club is on a mission to empower people to talk about their final send off, and this clip of a workshop attended by Miriam Margolyes is an absolute wonder.

The Death Positive Library brings you an online book club with a difference, featuring a book about death and invite you to meet the author. Liz Rothschild joins them on Wednesday, 16 June at 7pm to read from and talk about her new edited book, Outside the Box: Everyday Stories of Death, Bereavement and Life.

And I may have slipped into full geek at this point - here is a paper on dying in English prisons.

If all this has inspired you. I wanted to share that the wonderful Poppys Funerals is looking for a Chief Operating Officer. Poppy's did my husband's funeral and they were so wonderful - everything you'd want from a modern progressive and caring funeral director.

More death positive chat soon. In the meantime, as always, please share with friends and family you think might be interested!