Get some grief chat in

I’ve been having great conversations about life, death and grief with people like Darren Evans who founded After Clouda digital memory vault. They also host regular grief cafe's. Before the pandemic I'd have said this stuff needs to be face to face, but so many support groups are online now, and it's been ok. 

I also caught up with the fantastic Callsuma Ali who creates the Bereavement Room podcast, a safe space for people of colour to tell their stories of grief and loss. 

I’ve started adding to my products and I’m delighted to be working with Sarah Birtles who set up Tree of Life, offering an environmentally-friendly alternative to burial or spreading of ashes, by planting a tree. 

I've launched Good Grief Gift Co to feature amazing businesses in the UK that offer memorial gifts as well as support family and friends to think about new and different ways to express their love and concern when someone is grieving. Think Etsy, but just for death. 

If you know anyone who would be interested in being a seller or would like to get this newsletter, please encourage them to sign up. 

Meanwhile, the doyenne of grief chat - Esther Rantzen has fronted a wonderful programme - on Channel 5, Living with Grief can be viewed on catch up and is a really good look at all the different kinds of grief - shame it was just the one episode.