Tree of Life

Memorial Planting kit

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Tree of Life is the environmentally-friendly alternative to burial or spreading ashes, and gives you the chance to see something beautiful grow from the remains of the person you have sadly lost. The Tree of Life Memorial Planting kits are a personal and heartfelt way to commemorate a loved one, there are three sizes to choose from:

Small – Ideal for houseplants, potted plants or for small outside areas

Medium – Choose this when planting outside with a flowering plant, shrub, small tree or bush

Large – Ideal for planting trees

The Tree of Life was set up by Sarah, using her own experience of loss to create beautiful ways to remember and cherish someone who is no longer with us. Gardening has many mental health benefits including helping to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Planting with the remains of your loved one allows our minds to project forwards, past the short term pain and towards the long term future. Taking the time to regularly care for your memorial is a powerful way to navigate through grief.

What’s in the kit?

Your set includes a precisely-sized measuring scoop, so you can be sure you’re creating the best balance in the soil for your plant. The kit includes an organic bag, filled with the appropriate quantity of our unique, enriching compost mixture, which will combine with the remains of a loved one to give a healthy, nutritious growing environment for your chosen plant. We also include detailed instructions, and link to a guide on choosing your memorial plant.

If you are not planning to use the specialist soil mixture immediately, please decant the mix into a non-perishable container as the cotton bag is designed to biodegrade over time.

Once you place your order here, it is sent through to Sarah who will fulfil your order.